Hardwood flooring may be the last flooring you buy

When you choose hardwood flooring, you select a lifespan that surpasses most. But the product line also offers extensive visual and performance options. You'll cater to every flooring need in every room with ease, no matter your decor style. These floors are perfect for the minimalistic, rustic style. But it also caters to sleeker, more contemporary options. And when you find out more about these materials, you'll see which ones work for your household.

The beauty of hardwood flooring

In each species type, you'll find wood floors that offer immense beauty from the start. Graining patterns and natural colors can be so impressive that they need only a clear glaze. But you can also bring those grainings out with a rich, beautiful color.

Trends like whitewashed and light color stains are popular. They tend to reach a wide decor range, especially when matching the furnishings. But even high-variation trends cater to many homeowners with different styles. 

The point is that you choose options that cater to your existing decor. Or you might use these options to create a brand new look from scratch. For example, engineered hardwood flooring and solid wood both offer unique possibilities.

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Wood floor durability is impressive

Engineered wood flooring makes it easy to use hardwood in spaces it's not expected. This flooring handles dampness, humidity, and temperature changes better than solid wood. And it still gives you all the visual choices you'll find in solid wood, with up to 30 years of life.

Solid hardwood flooring can reach a 100-year lifespan with ease because it's also very durable. With the right species, sealant, and finish, it's perfect for even busy areas of your home. Wood floors can even hold up under pet nails and child's play.

At some point, wear does begin to show. And at that time, you can call for refinishing services to bring them back to a like-new look again. We'll tell you all you need to know about the process and how long it takes when you select your floors.

Find your hardwood flooring today

Falcon Floor Covering has many flooring options in our vast inventory. Our experienced associates will work with you to create the experience you need most. So, be sure to share your wood flooring vision, and we'll do the rest.

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